About us

The history of Egyptian Poultry Science Association (EPSA) back to 1980 based on the idea of Professor Ilham Abd El-Gawad from Animal Production Research Institute. The idea was adopted by Professor Hussin El-Ibyari the head of poultry production branch in the faculty of agriculture, Alexandria University at that time. Professors Ahmed Zaki Khalil, Mohamed Fuad Shawar, Mohamed Kosba, Mohamed Moustafa and Ihssan El-Ansary were the main founders of EPSA.


The first EPSA administration board was headed by Professor Hussin El-Ibyari and the treasurer and secretary was Professor Mohamed Kosba.
The main objective of EPSA is to advance scientific research in all fields of poultry science and its application in poultry industry by:-
Issuing a peer reviewed scientific journal deal with all aspects of poultry science.

For that, Egyptian Poultry Science Journal (EPSJ) was established as the first and only scientific journal deal with poultry science in Egypt, Africa and Middle East since 1980 and up to now.

Organizing national and international symposia and conferences, bringing all the personnel working in the field of poultry science (academia and industry) together to meet and discuss in order to advance poultry science and industry nationally, regionally and worldwide.

Also, issuing extension brochures and articles dealing with the last topics in poultry productions.